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"My name is Chris Abbott, and I just wanted to write this brief letter regarding the outstanding and excellent service I received from Caring Transitions.

I previously owned my home for over 24 years in Southampton Massachusetts. I was divorced approximately 10 years ago and I kept the home until the children were ready to move on with their goals. Just over a year ago my daughter moved to Colorado and my son to Florida. So now I am in a home with two floors and also a finished basement. That’s 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, 3 baths, office, full gym with all kinds of equipment; half a basement piled to the ceiling with god knows what. Outside I had a full shed with all sorts of lawn, gardening tools and equipment, a deck, 2 car garage and a full addict above full and stored with holiday decorations, beach stuff, strollers, ski equipment, bikes etc.

If you can imagine the build up and accumulation of belongings. I was thinking is now I am by myself in this large house completely full of everything and anything. I was stressed as I knew I couldn’t do this by myself and I didn’t have any idea of what to do. All I know is my house is listed and I needed to take action.

I then was referred to Caring Transitions. This for me that was a miracle and a lifesaver. I met with Caring Transitions July 25 of 2019. They took the time walking me through what their company does and how they can help and benefit me. We spent approximately a non-rushed one plus hours of time. Christina and Paul listened, took notes, and walked through the whole house garage, attic, basement, and the outside with me. Christina told me the words that I wanted to hear and those words were they can and will help me and they can do it in my timeline needed. They will work with you if you need things out as soon as possible or over a period of time. Whatever you need they will work with you. After receiving a proposal and advice from Caring Transitions I became their client.

To make a long story short, Christina and Paul came back shortly came back to the house and did a complete inventory of what I had. They organized everything, cleaned out everything, put all items in order, took pictures, and then forwarded everything to me for my review prior to the first estate sale. The online estate sales are fast, efficient and they handle dealing with the buyers and coordinate all the pick-ups.

Now I’ll bring everyone up-to-date. I worked with Caring Transitions for approximately nine months to a year. My house was closed on May of 2020. Caring Transitions had a second estate sale late March for me. They then coordinated days for a complete cleanout. Their team came over two days and utilized two 20 yard dumpsters for the removal of what was left in my house. They took care of coordinating Movers with me, ensuring the house was cleaned out, followed up over and over, and then came back and did a final clean out of everything. Caring Transition made my life easier, stress-free, and took all the work away from me. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. I would have been lost without Christina and her team. There is more I can write and it is all great and positive, but then you’ll be reading a few more pages.

In conclusion, thank you Caring Transitions for being my miracle through one of the number three top stressful things in someone’s life. I could not have gotten through this transition without you. The company name, Caring Transitions says it all; Become a client with Caring Transitions and you will have a Company who cares and makes your transition smooth with minimal effort on your part."

- Chris Abbott

"You took a tremendous burden off my shoulders by taking charge of a job that I was too busy to complete myself."

- Kim S.

"You took care of everything professionally, and we felt you really cared about us and about treating (my aunt’s) things with respect. You were a lifesaver."
- Jim R.

"We appreciated all the work you did after the estate sale: cleaning up the house, finding appropriate places to donate unsold items, and overseeing disposal of things that could not be donated."
- Donna B.

"Thank you Caring Transitions, for the help you provided in my recent estate sale. Not only was it profitable, but you also made it fun!"
- Maria G.

"In a few short weeks, you turned what appeared to be an insurmountable job into a well-organized event. The results of the sale surpassed our expectations…"
- Curt M.

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